Landscape Lighting: What Is Uplighting?


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Uplighting is a dramatic way of accenting trees, shrubs, and architectural features like a gazebo, arbor or wall sculpture. This concept brings life to interesting hardscape and softscape elements that rise up from the ground. This landscape lighting technique is most often used to highlight the beauty of trees, but it can also add depth to outdoor walls and fences, and show off statues, sculptures, fountains and unique structures. Uplighting can be accomplished with LED flood lights, LED spot lights, LED well lights, or direct burial fixtures. Place the LED fixtures at the base of the object and aim the beam upward to create a focal point in the landscape. The fixtures must be aimed away from observers to prevent direct glare. They can be camouflaged by placing them behind shrubbery to preserve a natural looking landscape. Well lights and direct burial fixtures offer the most unobtrusive form of uplight.


Image courtesy of Kichler